Datepac: The Future of Medjool Date Packing
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Datepac's success and reputation can be contributed to our absolute commitment to our core values and continued efforts to help the world discover and enjoy the finest Medjool Dates.

As a company, we enjoy a reputation for providing our customers with finest, high-quality products on a year-round basis. We are committed to providing our employees a stable work environment by ensuring a diverse workforce, complying with employment laws and federal and state regulations.

Datepac, LLC is the largest Medjool Date packing and marketing facility in the United States. The processing and packaging of thousands of pounds of Medjool Dates involves two shifts a day, of hundreds of employees operating cutting-edge million dollar equipment. Datepac's production has doubled in the last three years, we employ an average of 120 fulltime employees and 1400 seasonal employees .

As a worldwide supplier of quality fruits we are an Equal Opportunity Employment employer.

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The Datepac Mission

Helping the world discover and enjoy the finest Medjool Dates as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Datepac Vision

Datepac is the dominant world leader in the sourcing, production and sale of fresh and value-added Medjool Dates

Our Core Values

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Results Matter